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Hi! Looking for someone to
re-build your website?

The Doctor is in.

Website Doctor Pros takes your present content and makes it better. With many different ways to attack the future technologies, we help design a strategy that makes sense now.

Max Bruner

Web Master, Programmer, Creator


Some Facts About Me:


100%  American made

Creative and Colorful


Attentive to details


 Good bedside manner


Why You Should Build
Your Website With Me


We’re always chasing the latest and greatest tools and techniques.


Ah-ha moments,   Our team settles for nothing less than high impact results.


Focused and efficient, time is money.


A marketing strategy that interconnects all marketing channels.
The Doctor is In.

Obtain your prescription here.


Stuff I’m Really Good At

 Website Development

– WordPress –

Website Development:

Being relevent can be the only thing that sets your website apart from your competition.

E-commerce Development

– WordPress, Woocommerce –

E-commerce Development:

A seemless shopping experience is available just by saying YES.

Online Marketing

– SEO, PPC, Adwords –

Online Marketing:

Depending on your potential client reach, a complete online strategy and marketing solution can be built in phases and always adjustable depending on the detailed reporting and analytics.


6 Short Steps Towards Your
Brand New Website

1. Discussion

A brief (SOP) scope of project will get things off to a good start.

4. Coding

FYI – the new tools and techniques can make the coding a thing of the past.  However, security and privacy are the headliner for the site.  No problem as we partner with world class talent.

2. Planning

Once both parties are in agreement then a detailed schedule and timeline will be in play.

5. Strategy

Time to test and build a true multi-media strategy.

3. Design

The client control is truly up to them.  Either they pick between many high end responsive templates and or we can design from scratch. Just remember a true custom website will take much longer to develop and the cost is substantially more.

6. Maintenance

All updates and changes along with software and plugins will be part of the maintenance program.  So you can relax as your site will be up to date and secure guaranteed.

Our Pricing Plans

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